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Prior to taking on a dog walking, day care or pet sitting client, Eva's Animal Ark will meet with you and your pet at a suitable time to provide you with all information...

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We provide a reliable and caring service, paying special attention to your dog's and cat's needs.

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Here at Eva's Animal Ark we understand the important role that your pet plays in your life. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

Welcome to Eva's Animal Ark!

Eva's Animal Ark!


Welcome to Eva's Animal Ark - professional dog walking, dog day care, dog overnight boarding and pet visits covering Horsforth and Tinshill area.

Hi, my name is Eva and I founded Eva's Animal Ark to pursue my dream after leaving my career of ten years as a Qualified Accountant. I live with my small dogs Bonnie & Peggy in a dog-friendly semi-detached house with a large secure garden.

I have owned animals all my life including dogs, cats and numerous small animals - rabbits, guinea pigs and rats as I really enjoy being around them. I always find enough time and enthusiasm to dedicate to your pet and have been providing pet care services since 2014. I am very interested in dog care and well-being and that is why I have completed two year Advance Diploma course in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare and am currently studying further in my spare time.

I offer clients group walks in lovely environment such as Danefield Woods, Bramley Fall Wood, Surprise View, Hunger Hill Wood and Clayton Wood, always ensuring your dog has my attention at all times. As I have got two dogs with very different energy levels, one of them has a medical condition, I understand that not all dogs are the same and I am happy to accommodate your dog's individual needs. I will send you an update after each walk and post photos from walks on the Eva's Animal Ark Facebook page so that you can see your dog enjoying his/her walk and socialising with his/her furry friends.

In addition to dog walking, I offer puppy and senior dog visits, dog day care (collecting your dog in the morning and returning him/her in the late afternoon tired and content, ready for you coming home from work) and holiday boarding.

I offer cat and kitten visits so your cat/kitten does not have to go into a cattery. Home visits mean your cat/kitten does not have the stress of moving to a strange environment and can stay at home where he/she is the happiest, leaving you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about them! Kittens, like puppies, need that extra care and attention, extra meals, extra playtime, extra cuddles and anything else can all be accommodated for in your absence to ensure your kitten is happy.

Small animal care is also available for rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils etc. Home pet checks are especially handy for pets with a more complicated set up, like reptiles for example with indoor vivariums and heat/light sources to consider. All visits include cleaning of cages (if required), fresh water and food (provided by you), lots of attention, cuddles and play.

I am flexible and happy to suit your and your pet's needs, therefore if you have any other requests / services you would like for your pet, do not hesitate to contact me.


Advanced Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour & Welfare

Canine and Feline First Aid Training Certificate

Fully insured - Comprehensive policy of public liability, care, custody and control (liability to animals)

Criminal Record Check

Have a full understanding and cooperation in all dog and animal acts / laws.

Member of the National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers (NARPS)